For Peat’s Sake: Find Something Else!



Nature seems to always have a solution for man’s problems. Science will eventually come around to discover what has usually been right under our noses. Take the bogs of the northern hemisphere for example, home to mosses that have been growing for thousands of years.… Read More

Coco Products Receives Popular Mechanics Award


Coco Products is proud to announce that Coco Absorb has been given the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for New Product Design and Innovation at SEMA 2013.

“We’re honored and humbled to receive this award.” Says President/CEO Toby Wilson, “I’ve read Popular Mechanics ever since I was a kid, but never would have imagined that a product my family developed and marketed would show up on their radar.”

Popular Mechanics Editors Choice Award

Made entirely of shredded coconut coir, Coco Absorb is a revolutionary way to clean up spills and most don’t know that it’s oil loving properties were discovered by accident.… Read More

Stop Worrying About Spills and Love Coco Absorb

Stop Worring About Spills and Love Coco Absorb

For too many years, clay based absorbents (kitty litter) have been considered the industry standard for cleaning up oil spills everywhere, from small automotive shops to large industrial settings. The strange truth is that according to the fundamentals of chemistry, clay isn’t even considered an absorbent.… Read More

Coco Dry™ Debuts at the Ace Hardware Fall Show


CS Products has debuted its new Organic Paint Hardener at the Ace Hardware Fall Convention in Orlando, FL. The convention which opened today hosts hundreds of vendors and thousands of Ace Hardware associates from all over the US, giving Coco Dry™ a broad audience in just 3 days.… Read More