Coco Dry™ Debuts at the Ace Hardware Fall Show


CS Products has debuted its new Organic Paint Hardener at the Ace Hardware Fall Convention in Orlando, FL. The convention which opened today hosts hundreds of vendors and thousands of Ace Hardware associates from all over the US, giving Coco Dry™ a broad audience in just 3 days.

Coco Dry Ace Hardware

We are all very excited to see this product launch” says Coco Products’ President and CEO Toby Wilson, “We’ve long known that the coconut coir works great to encapsulate hydrocarbons like motor oil, and our customers have been raving fans of Coco Absorb. Now with Coco Dry, homeowners will benefit from its ability to solidify all types of unused paint, even oil based paints. This truly makes us unique among competitors.”

Since most paint hardeners require water as a catalyst in order to produce a chemical reaction to work, they make an ineffective solidifier for traditional oil-based paints. Coco Dry™ does not rely on water to produce a chemical reaction but merely on its high absorption characteristics in its natural form. The honeycomb particulate structure of Coco Dry™ can increase up to nine times its own mass during absorption, allowing paint to become encapsulated and turning it into a solid substance. Because the solid cannot “re-wet,” the paint will not return to its liquid form even if it comes into contact with liquids at the landfill, and as a 100% organic by-product of the coconut fruit, Coco Dry™ is safe to use and does not require special handling instructions or precautions.


Be sure to look for Coco Dry™ soon at your local Ace Hardware.