Big Fat British Lard

One of the more disturbing news stories to come out recently was the revelation of a 15 ton coagulated mountain of fat & baby wipes clogging a sewer underneath a suburban UK street.  The blockage, known as a fatburg, had been building up for about six months before local residents complained that they were unable to flush their toilets. Once discovered, it was estimated that this particular fatburg was the size of a double-decker bus. That’s a whole lot of banger grease, used baby wipes and a possible plotline for an awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode!

While we don’t have a solution for baby wipes in the sewer system, we do know that fats, oils and grease are easily absorbed and solidified with Coco Absorb. In fact you can use Coco Absorb to completely encapsulate any of your leftover kitchen greases and dispose of in the regular trash.

Ever had to clean spilled vegetable oil off a kitchen floor? Coco Absorb can handle that too, and since it completely encapsulates liquids, you can be sure any nasty liquid will not be released back into the environment.

The best news is that Coco Absorb is OMRI listed and NSF certified making it perfectly safe to use in kitchens, food preparation areas, even in organic food processing facilities. So there’s no excuse to go pouring that used cooking oil down the sink, use some Coco Absorb instead and avoid the guilt. Those poor turtles and sewer rats are counting on you to protect them from FATBURG! (insert echo)

Oh yeah, to whoever is flushing baby wipes down the toilet, just stop – it’s gross.