Is Your Spill Absorbent Killing Your Back?


Why is CocoAbsorb™ so lightweight? How can the most absorbent product weigh the least? The answer lies in the science of coconut coir. A miraculous product of Mother Nature that allows our 35-liter bag of CocoAbsorb™ to weigh only 12 pounds!

Extreme absorbency is another natural attribute of coconut fiber, allowing CocoAbsorb™ to absorb up to nine times its own weight. Let’s say you need to clean up one gallon of spilled oil. You will need up to fifteen pounds of clay-based absorbent to clean up that spill up. With CocoAbsorb™ you need just under two pounds.

Why is it so lightweight? In a nutshell (pun intended) CocoAbsorb™ has a very unique honeycomb-like structure. A single fiber of coconut coir contains a lacuna and many elementary fibers. A lacuna is a gap, and elementary fibers are composed of cells. Picture each fiber of CocoAbsorb™ having one large drinking straw surrounded by approximately 30-300 smaller straws. The voids in the elementary fibers and lacuna create a lower density, resulting in a lighter composite weight. Our attached illustration, Anatomy of a Coconut Fiber, is based on a super-magnified microscopic view of a single coconut fiber.

So what does all this mean? Simply put, these properties make CocoAbsorb™ the most absorbent, the lightest weight, and the easiest to apply to any spill. Unlike clay absorbents, CocoAbsorb™ literally pulls the spill in, quickly absorbing liquids of all types. These spills can include hydrocarbons, fuels, oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, solvents, water-based chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, paint, blood, vomit and so much more. When you switch to CocoAbsorb™ you’ll use much less product than clay, saving both money and your back!

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