Spills Happen

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Everyone has seen the infamous yellow safety sign, whether it’s a restaurant, market or even a hardware store – spills happen. An employee drops a glass jar of jelly or kid in a shopping cart decides to empty an entire bottle of shampoo on the floor while their parents aren’t looking. If not quickly dealt with, these spill scenarios can be dangerous to customers, employees and the overall health of the business.
Every year companies lose millions in slip and fall related accidents from lawsuits, workman’s comp claims, not to mention the loss of valuable resources like time and personnel. According to the National Floor Safety Institute, slips and falls in public places are by far the leading cause of premises liability injuries and have caused employees to miss an average of 10 work days per fall.

Although spill prevention is extremely important, accidents will happen and a spill response program is a great way to ensure your staff will be prepared when it does. Because in the retail world, having to block an aisle to let a floor dry means less sales revenue and further risk to customers.

Powerful absorbents like CocoAbsorb™ make a great tool in a spill programs’ arsenal. Since CocoAbsorb™ begins to work on contact, employees can quickly clean up a spill and move on to more important matters of business. Made from organic coconut coir, CocoAbsorb™ poses no health risks to the user – and because it’s so lightweight, it is extremely easy to handle. The ability to absorb up to nine times its own mass ensures that in most cases, small to moderate spills can be handled with as little as a pound of CocoAbsorb™.

A clean, safe and accident free work environment is every employee’s responsibility. If your business does not currently have a spill program in place, please give us a call. We’ve developed a general program that we’d love to share with you.