A: Although Federal (EPA) and California landfill testing show our product exceeds testing standards and is safe for landfills, we suggest they fallow local, state and federal guidelines and regulations regarding disposal of hazardous waste.
A: It is! Not only safe for the environment, but safe to use as well. CocoAbsorb is 100% organic with no hazardous chemicals or treatments, safe to be around people and pets. Certified by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute), NSF (National Safety Foundation), USDA Biopreferred program, and the first and only sorbent certified by UL Environment/EcoLogo. CocoAbsorb is also a sustainable bi-product of the Coconut foods industry which minimizes its impact on global resources.
A: Absolutely, CocoAbsorb is effective on oil-based and water-based chemicals in varying viscosities. But it loves oil.
A: CocoAbsorb has no known toxic chemical reactions with any chemicals, which include acids and caustics.
A: It will absorb anything in liquid form. If the stain is already dry, you would use a degreaser to liquify and lift the stain, then apply CocoAbsorb to absorb it. You may need to do multiple applications depending on how deep the stain is.
A: Even though CocoAbsorb absorbs water, due to ionization, it will absorb hydrocarbons (petroleum based chemicals) first, so it will pick up oil off of water. Apparatus, application, and recovery needs to be considered separately.
A: Don’t let weight throw you off. 12 lbs. of CocoAbsorb can absorb up to 6 gallons of oil. You would need 6 of those 50 lb. bags of clay (300 lbs.) to pick up the same spill. That’s also 300 lbs. of weight added to your disposal costs that you need to consider.
A: CocoAbsorb is not flammable. However, when absorbing flammable liquids like gasoline, ignition can occur but will only burn off the fumes and then smolder out. All absorbed spills should be treated with caution based on the chemicals that’s been picked up as per their Safety Data Sheets instruct.